Copyright Policy

We respect the copyright law and appreciate your work. We try our best not to voilet the copyright law but still there might be voilation of copyright either unknowingly or from the users of this site which is out of our hand. We are committed to protect the copyright law and hence we will remove any copyright infringing materials from our website on request. If you find some contents that infringes copyright of yours then you can contact us. We will be happy to remove such contents on verification and give proper appreciation to your work.

Please provide following information while reporting:
Email Id
Content with its URL (voilating or infringing copyright)
Valid/authentic proof of your copyright work.

(Note: The person reporting should be the owner him/herself of infringing copyright content. Third party cannot report in behalf of him/her. We will remove such contents after verifying it. Contact id is given in our "About us" page.)


Our site is free to use and we allow you to use the contents in our site for the informational purpose without any restriction. But we restrict you to use our contents for the commercial purpose or on the site serving ads. You may publish our piece of content in your website but proper reference or citation to our website must be given. But we don't allow you to use our trademark properties (e.g. logo) without our clear permission. Violating this would bring you under the action of jurisdiction as per the law of copyright violation.