Branches of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering possess huge scope and contains wide spectrum of sub-discplines. There are various fields within this engineering branch which you may choose to pursue your career. Below given is the list of Branches of Civil Engineering:

Construction Engineering

Deals with planning, construction and maintenance of structures.

Structural Engineering

Deals with Structural Analysis and Design of structures.

Geotechnical Engineering

Study of soil, foundations, bearing capacity, etc.

Transportation Engineering

Deals with planning, construction and management of transportation facilities.


Deals with surveying and levelling of lands using various instruments, mapping & contouring of terrains, etc.

Water Resource Engineering

Deals with design and construction of hydraulic structures like dams, canals, water distribution system, etc.

Environmental Engineering

Study of environment friendly desings, sewage management, pollution and their treatment.

Municipal Engineering

Deals with urban/city planning & management, township, etc.

Coastal Engineering

Deals with coastal or marine structures like groynes (groins), embankments etc.

Tunnel Engineering

Deals with planning, design, construction, safety and maintenance of tunnels.

Earthquake Engineering

Study of seismic forces, earth-quake resistant structures etc.

Material Engineering

Study of Material Strength, properties of materials used in construction, ceramics, etc.




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